a few quick updates

not too much blog-worthy going on here the past few days.  just fitful nights of sleep and days spent walking at the lake, playing with toys and practicing eating.  when josephine was two months old, a friend said to me, “can you believe that you haven’t gotten more than two or three hours of consecutive sleep for two months?”  i was horrified to realize he was right.  a few weeks later, josephine’s sleep had changed and i was getting more sleep and was relieved to have those days in the past.  or so i thought. here i am again, going on two months of not getting more than two or three hours of sleep at a time.  it’s amazing how the body adjusts.  for the most part.  just don’t ask me to do any math.  or remember what the clock alarm cell phone is called.

as for solid foods, josephine enjoyed three days of squash, squash, squash.  she was really figuring it out–going after the spoon with an open mouth and swallowing.  then last night we tried a little rice cereal.  apparently she likes the silky squash texture a lot more than the very slightly chunky cereal.  she was not a fan, as was evidenced by the gagging and the puking.  poor kid.  i ground up the rice for the cereal in the blender and i learned i need to let the blender run even longer so it’s even smoother cereal.

in other solid food news, josephine, for the first time in her life, went through an entire day without pooping yesterday.  (hello, future josephine!  i’m telling people about your poop habits!)  i shudder to think of the blowout that’s lurking.  maybe she’ll wait until her dad gets home…

7 Responses to “a few quick updates”

  • erika Says:

    are you making your own rice cereal? do you have a recipe? cause those gerber boxes sort of make me wonder!!

  • oma Says:

    i am! it’s not so successful yet in terms of josephine’s enjoyment of it, but it’s easy to make. just buzz brown rice (i washed and then toasted ours in a cast iron pan first) in the blender until it’s a fine powder. it’s a loud process. i ended up having to then sift the powder because there were some bigger bits of rice that made the cereal a bit too chunky/chewy. once you have your rice powder, bring 1 cup of water to a boil and add 3-4 tablespoons of the rice powder, whisking as you add it to avoid lumps. simmer for 10 minutes. this will make multiple servings of cereal, which you can thin with breastmilk/formula/water as you need. i ground several cups of rice at one time (in small batches in the blender) and am keeping the powder in the fridge. martha stewart for babies.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    ok—just so you know, breast fed babies don’t get constipated. so, enjoy the non-poop times.

  • Christina Says:

    I can’t wait to meet her!!!!

  • Carrie Says:

    oh, gagging and puking, so sad. i grew to love the shudder face that syd did (does) when we get new flavors in her mouth. and the full face twists to avoid a spoonful coming her way. and then you get it in there and she’s like “aghhhh what are you doing to me….oh, hmm.. this is ok” and opens her mouth for more. sometimes. other times the head twisting continues and we say, ok, no more of that tonight!! i’m impressed that you’re making your own. i used the earth’s best stuff just because it’s iron fortified (and easier). super mom oma!

  • Meg Says:

    Yay for Josephine, eating food!

  • kathleen Says:

    maybe if she cuddles with the rice cereal first? that seemed to work well for the squash. 🙂