being a baby is a pretty good gig.  you get showered with attention wherever you go, people say you’re cute no matter what you look like, and, if you’re josephine, you have access to an open-all-night milk buffet.

josephine had a good long weekend of getting some well-deserved attention.  on friday, she and i had lunch with renee and sera.

sera’s a musician and josephine enjoyed watching her drum on the table.

on saturday morning, ned and josephine met up with ned’s parents friends who were in town from atlanta.  the gees have honey bees in their backyard and we have enjoyed gee’s bees honey (josephine will have to wait a bit for that pleasure).

and on saturday night, we had dinner at anna’s house.  anna and her friend cora were pretty into keeping tabs on the baby and what she was up to (when they weren’t busy making fruit pies, going to the park, putting their babies to sleep and singing songs on the couch).

tonight we had dinner with an old coworker of mine, her husband and their daughter.  she and i had been out of touch with for years.  we ran into each other about seven months ago when we were both touring the birth center where, a few weeks later, we each delivered our babies.  so tonight josephine rolled around on the floor next to olivia and we swapped new-parent stories with sonya and caleb.  and neglected to take a single picture.

and how was your weekend?

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