girls’ day out

josephine and i woke up without any plans for the day.  i’m sure we would have had a perfectly fine day, but we were lucky enough to get a call from wendy and spent the afternoon with two of our favorite girls–wendy and anna–and had a much better time than we could have had on our own.

we went to lunch.  the food wasn’t great, but look at the company:

(josephine prefers giraffe hoof to poor restaurant food.)

then we went to the arboretum, where the sunshine made it a perfect day for running

or sleeping.  (it’s hard work holding those cheeks up all day.)

for sniffing dandelions and getting a yellow nose

and making daisy chain necklaces.

spring was unfurling everywhere.

josephine didn’t sleep for too long; she didn’t want to miss all the loveliness.

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