pictures of someone else for a change

since josephine’s been born, i think i’ve taken about 10 pictures of something or someone other than her.  that all changed on saturday.  ned hung out with josephine while i did a little photo session with jen and peter.  they’re the cutest engaged couple i know (now i’m wracking my brain to make sure i don’t know any other engaged couples who will be insulted… i think i’m safe making that statement…) and wanted some engagement photos.  we had fun traipsing around pike place market and the sculpture park.  even though we were all a little nervous at the start of the afternoon, i think it all went well.

jen and peter are a little shy, but they said i could share pictures that don’t show their faces.  i think their adorableness shines through, even when they’re faceless.

ok, ok.  you can have a picture of josephine, too.  jen took a few family pictures of us which would have been fantastic if the wind hadn’t decided to act as ned’s totally 80s hairstylist and make me look like i just got out of the pool.

2 Responses to “pictures of someone else for a change”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    makes me realize one doesn’t have to have a face to be cute. nice job, oma.

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    oh…and i do really like the family photo. what a good looking group. i just watched josephine rolling over again with her books and laughed. her little legs kicking. xox.