otra vez

the little bug is sick with a cold again.  she’s ok, just congested and coughing and occasionally giving us looks with these big watery sad eyes.  my friend erika’s son is recovering from some sort of infection that they’re still reeling from and trying to figure out.  she and i were emailing last night, discussing the joys of parenting a sick child, and she said she thought nursing was supposed to make our children “part of the A-team or something.”  i agree!  i breastfeed her, it’s not like i let josephine run around licking the handrails on buses or anything, and yet here she is: phlegmy again.  i made the mistake of telling ned that i’d read in a book that most kids have 7 or 8 colds by the time they’re two.  now he’s in count-down mode: four down, three or four to go.   i don’t think the math’s going to work out like that for josephine.

to end on a less germy note, here are a few pictures of josephine watching obama sign the new health care legislation.  it’s been the one bit of TV this daughter of an MPH has been encouraged to watch.  she looks like she’s really taking in the historic moment, doesn’t she?

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  • Carrie Says:

    Sydney is fascinated by the moving pictures whenever she sees it…which is pretty much never since we don’t have a tv in the front room. 🙂 the only thing she sees is the computer screen when we skype~ so she LOVES it. Glad Josephine enjoyed the show.