still sick here.  now i’m sick, too.  and, considering the massive amount of goo being produced and the fact that josephine sneezed several times directly in ned’s face today, i have a feeling he will be next.  she’s sicker than she’s been with previous colds and it’s hard to see her so uncomfortable.  she’s cycling through periods of fitful nursing, awful coughing, good-natured playing and sleeping.  guess at what point in that cycle she takes her tylenol?  beloved, wonderful tylenol.

my shirt looks like a team of slugs have been having their annual field day on it. and i’ve spent a total of four hours today sitting on the couch with her sleeping (fairly quietly, all things considered) on me.  i’m reading the devil in the white city, a story about a serial killer at the chicago world’s fair (it feels like an odd thing to be reading about while my baby’s fevery head makes my neck sweaty, but it’s a good book) and, thanks to her sleep, i’m making good progress.  ned lay down on the floor next to the couch and read for a while, too, and after a bit of quiet reading, we both joined josephine in a nap.  if we can’t get out and enjoy a lovely seattle spring day, at least we can enjoy a family nap.

here’s the sick girl during one of her good-natured stretches, droopy eyes and all.

5 Responses to “still”

  • auntie mae Says:

    oh you poor things! i’m sorry you are both feeling icky. get better soon! love you!

  • oma Says:

    thanks, auntie! we three (and by that i mean you, me and josephine) have had more than our fair share if illness these last six months, haven’t we? let’s all be better by the 13th.

  • auntie mae Says:

    i just noticed that she is playing with her ear in the first picture. is she just playing with it because it’s there? or does it hurt?

    just an observation.

  • Carrie Says:

    oh sad, sweeties! hope the snuffles go away soon. i think it is just timing…winter means colds when you’re little (daycare or not). now that things are blooming and blossoming all over, i’m sure the colds will fly fly away!

    feel better.

  • oma Says:

    she loves that ear of hers. she likes to stick her finger in it while i’m nursing her, which is particularly funny when ned’s talking and she does it. i think it’s just a playing-with-it-because-it’s-there thing. but thanks for keeping an eye out, nursie.