we have left the house two days in a row, josephine and i.  yesterday, we walked to the library to return some movies (total opposites–“you and me and everyone we know” and “miss pettigrew lives for a day”).  it was an amazingly bright and blue spring day and josephine was literally bouncing up and down and giggling as we walked down the stairs to leave.  she had left the apartment a couple times during plague week; ned had taken her out so as to avoid her falling victim to stagnant apartment air syndrome.  apparently adults are not as vulnerable and i hadn’t left in days.  we were both thrilled to breathe the fresh air.  by the time we got back from the library (maybe 10 blocks round-trip), i was ready for a(nother) nap.  josephine, however, had other things in mind.

wearing her onesie made by cousin elizabeth. it says "lizzie" across the front.

today we went to the speech and hearing lab at UW.  josephine was invited to participate in a study on infant hearing and this was our third and final visit.  she sat on my lap in a soundproof booth while a research assistant kept her entertained by waving and flipping various toys.  josephine was supposed to listen to tones playing in her ear and, when a discordant tone played, indicate that she heard a difference.  to train her, the researcher would play the discordant tone and then light up a mechanical toy–a bunny or an elephant in a little glass box (which, i have to say, were sort of creepy).  the research assistant would point her towards the toy and get excited and clap.  josephine was supposed to figure out that when she heard the tone, the toy lit up (and the lady got inordinately excited about it).  after a few rounds, she was supposed to start looking towards the toy when she heard the tone.

notice all the “supposed to”s in that paragraph?  it turns out josephine’s not the best test subject.  she would become so enamored of the research assistant and her bewitching ways with toys that she didn’t really care if the bunny or elephant lit up and started moving in its spooky glass case.  oh well.  we earned a little money (which i had already spent on sleep friend elsie and that cute yet pricey giraffe).

2 Responses to “progress”

  • auntie mae Says:

    oh little jojo – my not-such-a-good-test-subject little niece 🙂

    she looks like me in that bottom picture. change her eyes to blue and BAM that’s baby maeta.

  • oma Says:

    she does look like you! we’ll have to dig up those baby maeta pictures again (or were there only slides?) for some side-by-side comparisons.