the cross-country grandparent tour of 2010

with three more flights and another state under her belt, josephine enjoyed some quality time with both sets of grandparents over the last few weeks.

first, we went to atlanta to visit ned’s parents, josephine’s gigi and papa.  we enjoyed a beautiful day at the botanic gardens and soaked up some of that warm southern sun.

the rest of the weekend didn’t pan out quite as planned.  josephine went to bed on friday night feeling a little bit warm and had a fever saturday morning.  (hey, universe, i’m ready for a month or two of  a healthy baby!)  more alarming than the fever for this worrywart mom were the spots that appeared all over her stomach.  i was convinced it was chicken pox (or measles!) but the spots weren’t as bad on sunday and i calmed down a bit.  we were grateful for gigi and papa’s comfortable home and the delicious homemade food that sustained a few quiet days of cuddling a warm, lethargic girl.  we took some nice strolls around the neighborhood and by monday, josephine was almost back to her old smiley self.

just in time to get on a plane on tuesday and head to minnesota.

her health much improved, josephine was able to enjoy all the activities at grandma and grandpa’s house.

sitting in grandma’s garlic patch:

reading with auntie and unkey:

smearing teething biscuit goo all over her face:

going for walks with grandma and grandpa/grandy:

and taking baths in the sink:

while on vacation, josephine also swung for the first time, worked on her sitting skills and figured out how effective it is to say “ma ma ma ma ma” when she wanted me.  (or my milk.)  just look at that grin–it’s obvious josephine enjoyed the grandparent tour.

we’re back now and settling into the new apartment.  once we get our new bird feeder hung and the computer moved off the dining room table, perhaps we’ll have a tour.

4 Responses to “the cross-country grandparent tour of 2010”

  • Carrie Says:

    ahhh…finally! i’ve been missing my josephine fix! looks like you had a wonderful time~ getting so many grandparent snuggles is good for the health~ look how smiley she is! can’t wait to see pics of the new digs. enjoying the space? is she still in your room, or does she have her own room now??

  • erika Says:

    yay! you’re back! and the pictures are beautiful!! i love the one of you and Jo–you’re gorgeous in blue!!
    i also can’t wait to see news of the new pad…:)

  • Meg Says:

    Great pictures! I sooo wish we could have come for a visit! Maybe when school is out … ? Is Josephine in her own room now? Is she lonely? Are you lonely? 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

  • oma Says:

    meg, you come visit any time! summer is lovely here. we can ride ferries and eat ice cream and go to the beach… yes, josephine’s in her own room. we’re both managing it fairly well, i think. i get a little more exercise walking to her room to feed her multiple times a night. makes up for not walking up and down the stairs to our old apartment anymore. 🙂