catching up

i know, i know. i’ve been awful at posting.  to be honest with you, we haven’t been doing many exciting and photo- or blog-worthy things this past week.  just unpacking things we want to have around, repacking things we’re not currently using (and fighting the label of “hoarder”), hanging pictures, discussing the optimum depth of the yet-to-be-acquired bookcase that will be serve as a linen closet, making an ill-advised trip to ikea and otherwise settling in to our new place.  necessary activities, i suppose, but nothing very interesting to document.  also, to whine for just a moment, i’m tired.  and the hour or so i allow myself to stay up after josephine goes to sleep just isn’t enough time to do all the things i want to do.  if i could blog in my sleep, i would.  but enough of my excuses.  you came here for josephine and i’m going to give her to you.

here she is at story time at the library with her friend meera. have there ever been cuter sitting babies?

and here she is in her new high chair.  it’s a fancy euro-style number we thrifted on craigslist and ebay.  all three of us are loving her ability to sit and enjoy the world from her new perch.  she’s mostly outgrown her bouncy seat and i’m glad to have a way to keep her happy hanging out (and doing some gravity testing with her toys) with me in the kitchen.  i also like how it pulls right up to the table so we can all share meals together (in theory–we never have our dinner made when she’s ready to eat hers).

breakfast together. for her: green beans, oatmeal, yogurt and tofu. for me: cereal. yeah, she wasn't a fan of her options, either.

and finally, here she is in her first swing.  we were at a park in my home town with my dear friend anna and her daughters.  for the first few pushes, josephine was so much more interested in anna’s daughter morgan, who was swinging next to her, than her own body’s motion.  then she caught on.

more soon, i promise.

2 Responses to “catching up”

  • Carrie Says:

    green beans~ uck! i’m right with you, josephine. especially for breakfast~ mom, what are you thinking?? 🙂

    that said, i think sydney would eat peas three meals a day if we let her. and sometimes we do~ at least lunch and dinner anyways…

    love the swing, library, and high chair~ looks like josephine has a pretty sweet life happening. 🙂

  • Erika Says:

    jealousy: i want to go on a swing with Josephine, Anna AND Anna’s girls. (you too, of course. but that’s implied, right?)