the big windows

our old apartment had a wall of windows that looked out onto the roof of the building next door.  if you tipped your head, you could see past the roof to the cars zooming by on I-5 a block away.  it wasn’t very scenic, but great for strutting around nude, if you were so inclined.  we weren’t so inclined.

our new apartment is on the second story as opposed to the fourth.  the building is nestled among a half-dozen other apartment buildings and houses but the main view out our new windows is trees.  sure, if you look down, you can see the building’s recycling and compost containers and the oil slick under our neighbor’s truck.  and I-5 is still there, heavy with traffic at all hours. but if you look straight out, mainly what you see are trees. it’s quite a lovely change.

i decided we needed a bird feeder. the birds are just finding it and josephine’s just figuring out how to watch for them.  we did some bird watching the other morning and, when she got up from her nap later and i carried her into the main room, i asked if she saw any birds.  she looked right over to the window.  smart little thing.

when we’re done watching birds eat their food in the morning, i feed my own little baby bird:

2 Responses to “the big windows”

  • Carrie Says:

    Sydney loved watching the birds at our birdfeeder on our balcony, too! definitely an improved view~ 🙂

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i am so happy that josephine has a window to look out of. and i love the little bird mouth you feed.