we met with a lawyer the other day to do some estate planning.  that term makes me giggle, as it sounds like we have a large manor house, servants, a porsche and some horses as opposed to a cheap rental apartment and a toyota.  anyway, after an hour of talking about our assets and saying things like “if we’re not around” and “if something happens to us,” we decided we deserved a treat.

as we were leaving the office, the receptionist waved and said “bye-bye” to josephine.  we paused to see if josephine would do the cute little arm-flap of a wave she sometimes does and instead she looked intently at the bubbly woman saying “bye-bye” to her and said “ba ba ba.”  our jaws dropped.

as we drove to the nearby bakery, i thought about the explosion of language that lies ahead.  i’m already overwhelmed by how much josephine changes every day; i can’t quite imagine what it will be like when she is saying new words  with every conversation we have.

at the bakery, a woman and her young son were pulling up on their bikes as we arrived.  he ran inside and said to the woman working behind the counter, “hi it’s me and i’m here again and things are different than last time you saw me because now i don’t have training wheels on my bike!”  i almost didn’t need a bakery treat; he was that sweet.  as we ate our delicious rhubarb vanilla bean tart and kouign amann (“queen aman”–a flaky, slightly salty, caramelized sugar concoction), i couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the boy and his mom.  a young woman came in the bakery to get coffee and the boy yelled to her, “hey katie you don’t have to worry about paying for your coffee because my mom’s going to buy it for you!”  everything he said was a joyous outburst with very little punctuation.  they left and extracted their bikes from each other.  his had two bells, a pinwheel and a batman rear-view mirror mounted on the handlebar.  he turned to us and gave us a huge grin and wave through the window.  we returned both.

watching him and thinking about josephine talking inspired me to finally post this video.  i took it a month ago when josephine started saying a very special sound.  almost more than the sound she makes, though, i love the beginning of the clip when it looks like she’s trying not to crack a smile.

5 Responses to “language”

  • Meg Says:

    I love it! A talker! She’s such a darling. I can’t wait until the day when I can finally meet her. 🙂

  • Erika Says:

    oh my good gravy…it’s as though she loves you so much that she just can’t stop saying your name…i almost cried! isn’t this the most amazing thing you have ever done?!

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i cried at your story of the little boy in the bakery. you write so well. and my little girl with that cute non-smile and eyebrows. love her.

  • megan Says:

    i want want want emilee to make that sound… nothing yet. but i love it! yeah!! made my day. love your blog!

  • Tashiana Says:

    Oh my gosh…SHE is the sweetest thing.