we do actually leave the house

i’ve been posting a lot of from-the-apartment photos lately, but we have been getting out and about.  here’s a smattering of what we’ve been up to.

we’ve been to the park a couple times.  josephine likes the swings.  i like sitting in the shade.

back on the first thursday of the month, we met up with anya, desmond, anne and meera and went to the asian art museum (for free!).  that’s josephine’s art appreciation face.

we may have stopped at a bakery after the museum…

there was a reunion of our parenting group (aka kids in sun hats) on one sunny weekend day at one beach.

and a family trip to another beach on another sunny day.

we met up with renee for lunch downtown.

and, finally, we enjoyed a tour of our diaper service facility.  i thought we’d be the only dorks there, but our friends ann and dylan were there, too.  we saw the machines where they wash all of the diapers:

and where they dry them:

and i think what is dealt with here is self-evident.

One Response to “we do actually leave the house”

  • Jayme Says:

    LOVE the “shity”. That’s hilarious. If they are going to give tours, they really should make the “sights” more family friendly. (i.e. “poopy” or “smelly”)

    you must have lost your shit.