quiet days

i haven’t been posting much; not because we’ve been so busy but because we’ve been very not busy.   the weekday plans josephine and i have had over the past two weeks wouldn’t fill a small bucket and, rather than being monotonous, the days have been really relaxing and quietly nice.

we’ve been working on sleep (more on that when our bits of progress feel less tenuous) and being home for both of josephine’s naps on most days has been satisfying and resulted in some lovely long slumbers for her.  while she’s napped, i’ve had some time to continue the process of settling in to our new home (or just do dishes and laundry  —  exciting blog material!).  i went through all of josephine’s too-big clothes and pulled out a rather large pile of now-they-fit outfits — things i never thought she’d be big enough to wear.  i also went through her too-small clothes and made a stack of tiny little sleepers and onesies for friends who are due in october.  i already can’t believe how tiny josephine once was.

her legs are growing longer, her arms reach further, and her personality is getting bigger, too.   she is more engaging every day; every second, really.  that’s a big part of what’s made quieter days so nice — she’s becoming good company, fun to be around.  she thinks silly things i do are funny and thinks she’s pretty darn hilarious.  she’s working hard on crawling and can pivot and roll herself pretty much where she wants to go.  and, as of today, she is the proud new owner of an upper tooth that she likes to feel with her tongue.

josephine and i haven’t been totally socially isolated.  we have had several play dates with meera and desmond.  and we had a busy, friend-filled weekend last weekend.  we’re also getting really good at running errands together.  today we: picked up something at my office, drove across town to pick up some documents at a coworker’s office, went to two grocery stores, drove to south seattle and dropped off our dirty diapers because we’ll be gone for pick-up on monday, and picked ned up at work.  all in 2.5 hours. and we even had time for a nursing session and a diaper change.  (this is why i haven’t been blogging.  i mean, aren’t you just dying to know more about which grocery stores we went to and what we got?  and what kinds of documents we picked up?)

tomorrow, ned and i are going on our first date-without-the-baby while our pregnant friends practice their parenting skills on josephine.  we’re also going to our friend anna’s third birthday party.  and on sunday, the three of us are going on a little island getaway.  happy long weekend.

2 Responses to “quiet days”

  • erika Says:

    yay for parent dates!! i’ve been impressed each time we go out that we still have interesting things to talk about that aren’t our baby. i hope you enjoyed each other!!!

  • oma Says:

    what do you talk about?! we talked about adult things like buying a house, how we’ll figure out where we send josephine to school and other exciting, foot-loose topics. despite the lack of thrilling conversation topics, just having a conversation was a novel and lovely thing.