baby’s first yurt

on sunday, the three of us spent the night on an island.  that’s not as unique an opportunity around these parts as in, say, minnesota, but it still feels special to this little family.  and we’ve found the perfect island for us.  it’s one of those places that you don’t want to tell people about because popularity could ruin it, but you also don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to experience it.  so, dear reader, i’ll share our island secret with you: guemes.

we went there last year over memorial day weekend, too.  i looked like this:

this year, we packed up our car to the gills (really.  it was stuffed. for an overnight trip.  i’m not sure how our week-long road trip in august is going to work.) and, two hours after leaving home on sunday morning, we were driving off the 22-car ferry onto the island.  we drove past the general store where they serve delicious food, ice cream and where you can sit on a deck and watch the boat traffic on the channel that separates anacortes from guemes.  we drove past the park.  we drove past friendly folk who raised their hand off the steering wheel in greeting. and we drove past vacation homes little and big and views of the water until we got to the other end of the island, a 10 minute drive in all.

it was a trip full of firsts.  josephine spent her first night in a yurt:

enjoyed her first piggy-back ride:

and sat atop her first mountain:

ned showed josephine his own modest fantasy; a beautiful sailboat.

and he discovered a new handy place to change the baby on the go:

and me?  i took two naps in two days — the makings of a great vacation in and of itself.

only two things put a damper on the trip.  the first was a certain upper left tooth.  it has reared up, a moby dick of a thing, through previously undisturbed gums.  our little ahab, usually such a calm and patient soul, has been tormented by its existence, especially at night.  sigh.  and yawn.  so it was not an especially restful night in the yurt.  thankfully, we did not have neighbors to hear the little monomaniacal one’s rantings.

the second spoilsport was the weather.  we did manage to eat lunch on the beach both days and took the hike the mountain.  but it poured all night long, making a nice pitter-pat on the yurt roof (which,thanks to ahab’s restlessness, we heard many times throughout the night).  and do you know who likes rainy weather on guemes island?  this guy does:

(ned thinks you might not get how huge this guy is. i think it's pretty obvious. that's not micro-grass it's crawling in.)

him and about a million of his friends.  so if you go, watch your step.

3 Responses to “baby’s first yurt”

  • Jann Hurley Says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend, new tooth, tons of rain and all. We’ve also been to (sh-h-h) Guemes Island. Very laid back and charming. Hey, they wave at you here in Manson, too. The first time Cressant visited she was confused and surprised, thought they were mistaking her for someone they knew. Shannon and I spent 3 days in NE Oregon exploring Oregon Trail country, Wallowa Lake and the Blue Mountains. Beautiful, but also very wet.

  • erika Says:

    is that an Ergo that Ned’s wearing? that’s our current favorite carrier right now, so it’s nice to imagine us being all “in tune” or something from afar. 🙂

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    they wave in all the best places, jann. 🙂

    e, it’s an ergo! (and it’s me wearing it.) we all love it. i was just toting her around whole foods in it, feeling very earth-mama as i bought organic goat milk yogurt for the little hippy baby.