purple buddy

josephine found a friend in my parents’ tupperware drawer when we were visiting a few months ago — a tiny little purple container with a tiny little lid that’s just the right size for for, i don’t know, carrying three pieces of popcorn along to the movie theater.  josephine doesn’t really care that it doesn’t have a large carrying capacity; she grins when she sees it and playing with it can keep her happy for quite a long time.  (i try to ignore the fact that it’s probably laced with BPA.)  i’ve dubbed it “purple buddy,” a name quite lacking in originality.

as you can see, josephine thinks it’s quite hilarious when i put purple buddy on my head and then let it fall off.  over and over and over again. and as long as she laughs like that, i’ll keep on putting it on my head and letting it fall off. over and over and over again.

p.s. see the tooth?!  thar she blows!

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